Sunridge Canyon Golf Club, Foothills, AZ

There’s almost nothing I’d rather do than take a long weekend to golf in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Scottsdale has everything a golf gal needs:  amazing courses to choose from, stunning hotel pools, great restaurants and nightlife, spas, and fantastic shopping.  If you’re up for a scenic drive in the area, I recommend playing at Sunridge Canyon Golf Club, home of the Wicked Six!


This Course offers amazing views in a rugged-desert setting, deep within rock-faced canyons and weather-worn ravines, which contrasts perfectly with the finely manicured greens:


I love a good challenge, and this course doesn’t disappoint!  The final six holes, dubbed the “Wicked Six,” are made up of two par 5s, two par 4s and two par 3s.  All except the par 3s play uphill in a gradual, yet significant climb.  The holes would play moderate to long if they were on level ground, but they’re quite wicked.  Make sure you choose the appropriate tees at the beginning of the round to stay under control for the final six.  Here’s the 18th hole:


I am all tuckered out, but still having a good time:


Let me know if you make it out to Sunridge Canyon and conquer the Wicked Six!  Don’t forget to follow my adventures on Instagram @travelinggolfgal!