Druids Glen Golf Club, Covington, WA

As a Washington native, I really enjoy playing in my home state during the summer months.  Druids Glen Golf Club, just outside of Seattle, Washington, is one of the top ten courses to play in Washington. This is an upscale championship course that will give you a good challenge, but the scenic views of Mount Rainier will distract you from your score:


Druids Glen is 7,146 yards carved out of 230 acres of second growth forest featuring sculpted bent grass tee boxes, fairways, and true Northwest poa annua greens.


Architect Keith Foster said, “It’s a rare opportunity to design a course on a property as spectacular as this.  The views, the elevation change and desire to create a championship quality course made this a special project.”


As a history buff, I really enjoyed learning the story behind the name of the course, which you can find on the website: The Druids of Celtic times were the absolute power of the community.  The Druids were priests, poets, philosophers, physicians, judges and prophets.  The Druids spent 20 years memorizing sacred texts, as these texts were not reproduced.  According to Caesar, the Druids were the exclusive intellectual elite, and were recruited from the ranks of nobility.  The Glen was a sacred place where the Druids came together to share knowledge, experience and expertise.

My golf buddy spent some sacred time off the fairway:


Despite our questionable play, we really enjoyed the views:



This course is definitely worth hitting up if you’re ever in the Seattle area….and you should probably plan on being in the Seattle area next week for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay!!

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